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Gurhan Demirkan

Welcome to my channel, where you can get info on entrepreneurship.

Nov 6, 2020

What the channel is about?

  • Starting a business (especially focusing on e-commerce business).
  • Sustaining a business.
  • Growing a business.
  • Lucrative Exit Strategy.
  • Life of an entrepreneur.
  • Doing business in other countries
  • Doing business with other countries (international business opportunities).
  • Interviewing entrepreneurs, predominantly young entrepreneurs.

Besides and Beyond

We will be giving feedback on two of our startups to let our listeners know the progress that we are making.

One of the startups is Chatty Pix, which is a technology company that is in Augmented Reality.

The other one is Biavexia, which is in supplement industry.

Follow us to get regular progress reports as to how the companies are doing, and give us a feedback.


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